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Dwi Khasbullah Huda

Full Name : Dwi Khasbullah Huda
Address : Jln.Kauman, Gedung Wani Timur, Marga Tiga Lampung Timur, Indonesia

It was my original name based on ID
I’m just one of the many people who Wanting a change of life, especially in the financial field.
How many people I met, including many of my own friends who want financial success, but few of them are willing to take a decision to act.

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“I am among those not too happy with a lot of theory but poor practice. For me the estuary of all successful theory is ACTION.! “

Please if you want to contact me, we can learn together, share, and I was ready to become your pupils.

My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dwikhasbullah.huda 
My YM: galaxy.flasher
Phone: +6285755530340 – +6282373073888

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